Mina Yousefi Immigration Services

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Mina Yousefi Immigration Services

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Mina Yousefi Immigration Services

Mina Yousefi is the founder, general manager, and certified consultant of Mina Yousefi Immigration Services.

Mina Yousefi has a bachelor degree in Business Management and has graduated with honors from Seneca College as an Immigration Practitioner. As an account manager of Royal Bank of Canada, she has also brought a wealth of experience to the enterprise. During her past services, as a Mutual Fund representative, she has helped a lot of clients with their financial and investment needs. She is a leading expert in Canadian Immigration Law and Canadian Banking and Investment Regulations and provides invaluable advice and services to businesspersons from all around the world with their immigration matters and business investments in Canada. She is a trustworthy consultant and can answer all your immigration and financial questions. She is a licensed member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC ID#R421879).

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